Latest Jobs in China

China Jobs

Need Kindergarten Teacher in China

Need a Primary School Teacher in Guangzhou China

Looking for a Business Developer in China

Ballet Teacher, Latin Dance Teacher, Piano Teacher and Violin Teacher

Need a Part Time Foreign English in Beijing

Need a Native English Speaker

Fujian Expat Jobs

Need English Teacher from philippine

Beijing training center need full time English teachers

Full Time Expat English Teacher in Guangdong

Expat Jobs in Hangzhou

TOEFL English Teacher in Shanghai

View New jobs for free update on 《2017-08-09》

1.Marketing Assistant Work in Shanghai City

2.Digital Media Specialist Expat jobs in Shanghai

3.Foundry Supplier Quality Engineer

4.Black Utility Engineer Work in Shanghai

5.Looking for Adult Foreign Teachers in Suzhou City

6.Looking for Foreign Teacher in Suzhou ,Taicang ASAP

7.Looking for a Primary School Teacher in Guangzhou

8.Looking for Middle School in Guanggang

Whether you are an enterprise or an individual, you can be register on our website for free, we will send your resume or your recruitment information to many platforms, look forward to your joining!(


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